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The Scarecrow | El Espantapájaros (1920) | Buster Keaton - Sub Spanish HD

If we wanted to synthesize the plot of The Scarecrow, we could well say the following: Day laborers Keaton and Roberts share a cottage full of mechanical devices that make their lives easier. They both compete for the love of the farmer's daughter. Keaton, disguised as a scarecrow, will cause all kinds of trouble for his rival and the farmer's daughter. Yes, we could say that, but we would fall short. Because this short film of barely twenty minutes' duration, passes dizzyingly before the amused eyes of the spectator, to whom Keaton and company do not give a minute's respite. The whole film is a sequence of hilarious scenes of all kinds: fights, chases, confusions, falls, blows, kisses... The imperturbable and hilarious character created by Keaton (perhaps one of the few who compete from you to Chaplin's Charlot) finds in this agile and fresh short, his ideal space to display the best of his visual humor and his virtuosity when creating impeccable sequences like breakfast at the convertible table where friends, helped by an ingenious game of pulleys, have breakfast. A sequence that has no waste, as in general all the short film that, from beginning to end, will delight the viewer.

  • Duration: 21:14



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