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Trip To The Moon | Un Viaje A La Luna (1902) | Georges Méliès - Sub Spanish HD

Georges Méliès is not only the father of fantasy and science fiction cinema, he was also one of the filmmakers who made the most contributions to cinema in its early days. Director, actor, scriptwriter and stage decorator, among many other professions, Meliès was fascinated by technology applied to film and was always behind any invention he could incorporate to better tell his stories, among which, without a doubt, A Journey to the Moon stands out as one of his greatest contributions. Georges Méliès, tired of fighting with the great studios of his time and beset by debt, sold his property and retired from filmmaking forever. During the time he was active, he shot more than 500 films, some of which have been lost, but fortunately survive him. From 1925 his work was rediscovered by the French cinematographic vanguard, especially by the surrealists, who vindicated his figure to the point that Méliès was recognized with the Legion of Honor in 1931 for his entire career. He died in the most absolute misery on January 21, 1938 in the Léopold Bellan hospital in Paris and his remains rest in the cemetery of Père-Lachaise. Since 1946, the Méliès Prize has been awarded annually to the best French film.

  • Duration: 14:28



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