About Us

Whether its top quality videos or photos you will find it here. We get the highest exposure so you can share with the community. Have you been watching bad videos lately? Forget about that, we have the best quality selection so you can enjoy 100 percent of the best in the web. That simple.
Metatube began in 2007 with one idea in mind... to allow you, the users, to create one of the most awesome video streaming communities in the world. We want to empower anyone who wants to share and upload videos and photos. You will have an experience like no other site.
We recently re-launched with a cleaner and better looking webpage. As some of the features, Metatube.com gives you the ability to rate, comment, browse, search and watch videos and photos. The user can upload from the main site and also search High Definition-only videos.
Our advantage over other similar sites is the quality. In Metatube.com we believe that you and the rest of the users are frustrated by wasting time playing bad videos. That is why we have a special team that is monitoring everyday videos and selecting only the very best. Those quality videos gain the honor to be displayed on the front page and receive more views.

Why choose Metatube.com
  • High Definition videos and photos
  • The most buzzed videos on web
  • Easy to navigate, upload and share
  • Share content with friends and family
  • Get access to our other fun sites
  • Rate and comment on all videos and photos
  • Create a list of your favorite users and videos