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#VIRAL: Cat goes viral for having big muscles like going to the gym.

A cat on Reddit has gone viral for being absolutely stacked with muscle. But before you ask the tabby what its gym routine or diet plan is, the cat actually has very little choice in being so ripped. According to the person who posted the image, this feline suffers from Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy. People were shocked to see the cat sitting by the window looking like it could be a bouncer at a club. One user wrote:...

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Indonesia Volcano Leaves Locals SMOTHERED in Ash

Indonesia Volcano Leaves Locals SMOTHERED in Ash

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#BreakingNews!! The powerful eruption of the Semeru volcano in Indonesia

Today, at about 2:30 pm local time, near the Indonesian city of Lumajang in East Java province, the Semeru volcano erupted. The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center issued a warning after a plume of smoke and ash rose approximately 12 kilometers into the air. The video shows local residents fleeing from a huge cloud of smoke. According to the Indonesian Information Service, the eruption was recorded by a seismograph with a...

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#VIRAL: Man sues company for hanging him "like a piece of meat" in the middle of a

His boss tied him up by his feet and hung him with the help of his co-workers. The video was broadcast on social media

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