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ROSALÍA & Travis Scott - TKN (Official Video)

ROSALÍA & Travis Scott - TKN (Official Video)

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New George Floyd Bodycam Video

: New bodycam footage shows George Floyd was not resisting arrest as additional officer arrives and calls in a code 4 all clear/okay and proceeds to secure the perimeter. This video was just released online tonight and I did not see it on YouTube yet so I am here to make it available. Since it was heavily censored by the Minneapolis Police Department who released it, however, I wanted to avoid confusion so I added in the...

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Donald Trump Mocks Reporter for Wearing Mask

Despite health officials saying that wearing a mask is a matter of safety, President Trump continues to frame it as a political statement. He refuses to wear one in public, and Tuesday mocked a reporter for choosing to keep his mask on, saying “you want to be politically correct.” But even Fox News' own Sean Hannity is at this point begging people to don masks in public. As late as March, Hannity called the coronavirus...

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See The Chilling Virus Warnings Trump Ignored – Before Pandemic Outbreak

The coronavirus has upended most of the world, but there were key warnings about pandemics in general, and the virus specifically, that were often ignored, downplayed or even punished. MSNBC’s Ari Melber documents this crucial history – and what can be learned from it now – in this exhaustive special report spanning years of expert research, warnings and even the fateful final months as the virus approached the U.S....

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