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The Tramp | Charlot Vagabundo (1915) | Charles Chaplin - Sub Spanish HD

The character that Chaplin plays in those early Keystone shorts is not The Kid's Tramp or City Lights. He is meaner, tougher and certainly not a dreamer. Very often he is employed (as a pianist, waiter, property owner at a movie studio), sometimes with a home, a wife and a child. He is an anti-authoritarian and pleasure-seeking flirt, often prone to sneak drinks, but not because he doesn't have the money to pay for it. The viewer had to wait a while to see the real Charlot, and he made his appearance in the 1915 film, The Tramp. Here appears the character who owns the golden ounce, the one who can turn tragedy into comedy and comedy into tragedy, the one who can make you laugh as soon as he has a tool in his hand: a ladder, a hammer, or a hayfork.

  • Duration: 27:18



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