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A Dog’s Life | Vida de perro (1918) | Charles Chaplin - Sub Español HD

From the moment he entered the cinema, Charles Chaplin knew that he needed total creative autonomy to make the kind of comedy that only he was capable of. He finally achieved this autonomy in 1918, when he built his own studio. The films that Chaplin shot in his own studio were a remarkable breakthrough compared to the kind of comedy that had previously been made in Hollywood. In principle they were longer, up to 45 minutes, while few comedies of the time were longer than half an hour, and much more sophisticated in both staging and structure. The first film where we can clearly appreciate these changes was A Dog's Life, for which Chaplin found an excellent co-star, in the person of a charming mongrel dog, Mutt (called "Scraps" in the film), whose battle for survival with the other dogs in the neighborhood is satirical. compared to Charlie the Tramp's fight for a place in society. Along with his regular protagonist, Edna Purviance, playing a singer and badly beaten up who works at the Green Lantern bar, Chaplin joins his brother Sydney, a good comedian in his own right, for the first time. Sydney plays the owner of the coffee stand who is the victim of Charlie and Scraps' robbery. A strange feature of A Dog's Life is that Chaplin has abandoned his usual cane, presumably because he needed his free hand to hold the dog's leash. The tape contains, some exquisite sequences, worthy of being seen more than once, like the one in which Charlot stuffs himself with rolls in a street stall. A film you can't miss.

  • Duration: 34:57



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