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City Lights | Luces de la ciudad (1931) | Charles Chaplin - Sub Spanish HD

City Lights involved a true genius in an elegant and moving performance that awakens deep feelings and joy with a great simplicity of style and a tragic story... Of all Chaplin's films (with the possible exception of Modern Times), City Lights offers the most complete characterization of the Tramp. He is a loner who comes and goes almost like a dream figure or a drunken angel. Without family, friends or a place to live, he finds himself outside of our reality, sometimes trying to fit in and sometimes not caring whether he does or not. Yet, like a child, he is completely innocent with a pure heart and the best of motives. What is most touching about his relationship with the Flower Girl is that, because she is blind, he cannot see her shabby appearance and does not judge her like others do. (In a strange way, this echoes the friendship of the blind man with the child in Mary Shelly's Frankenstein). And when she has regained her sight, her attitude does not change. Her new eyes see beyond the hobo's clothes. Few children (especially teenagers) have any desire to see a black-and-white movie, much less one in which the characters don't talk. This is a shame, because those who refuse to watch silent movies, deny themselves the pleasure of seeing some of the greatest gems ever filmed.

  • Duration: 1:26:52



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