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An Andalusian Dog | Un perro Andaluz (1929) | Luis Buñuel - Sub Spanish HD

Few sequences of silent movies are as famous as the one where an eye is cut by a razor at the beginning of An Andalusian Dog. The origin of such a fascinating image was in a dream of Buñuel himself. "Known is the anecdote of the origin of An Andalusian Dog. Salvador Dalí, a contemporary friend of the director, had dreamt of ants covering his hand and told Buñuel about it. He, in turn," says E.J. Manola, "had another fantastic dream, a knife cutting the moon into two pieces. Thus, as a sort of telepathic dream inspiration of two particularly privileged minds, hungry to spread their art, the short film was engendered". Why is this short film shot in 1916 worth seeing today? One possible answer could be the following: because it is a film that completely departs from classic narrative models and its interpretation supports multiple analyses and approaches. Among all Buñuel's films, this one, like some of David Linch's, resists any attempt of classification and explanatory approach.

  • Duration: 17:27



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