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Big Bussiness (1929) | Laurel and Hardy - Sub Spanish HD

Laruel and Hardy, that is to say The Fat Man and The Skinny Man, formed an unforgettable couple and also one of the most beloved images of all those that Holliwood has given us. They are not only the comedians who can make you laugh until you bend over and miss several parts of the film because you are literally cracking up and have to wipe away your happy tears. They are also the authors of a kind of friendship with the film buff who adopts them in childhood and, like the good friends they are, never abandons them and visits them whenever he can. They rarely let you down. Especially if you look at the films from their first period, when the duet worked as a fabulous machine to produce laughter. For some it is a surprise to know that not all their films belong to the sound cinema. Big Business is one of the best short comedies in silent films. You want a recommendation: stop what you are doing and watch. You will not regret it.

  • Duration: 21:18



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