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The Bat | El Murciélago | Roland West (1926) - Sub Spanish HD

The Bat, one of the founding films of The old dark house, a genre that would have legions of followers and whose influence would be decisive in the creation of Batman, the anti-hero of comics, cartoon series and cult films. Filmed in 1926, The Bat is a comedy of entanglements in which detectives, a rich widow, a couple of lovers, bankers, servants and a criminal disguised as a vampire climb the walls and have a small arsenal of tricks up their sleeves, including a grappling hook tied to a rope, a light that projects the silhouette of a vampire and several cards with their logo. In spite of being a true salad of genres, perhaps because of this, the film ended up becoming an obligatory reference for the creation of the comic book character and for the aesthetic conception of a filmmaker as singular as Tim Burton.

  • Duration: 1:26:39



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