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Häxan | La brujería a través de los tiempos (1922) | Benjamin Christensen | Sub Spanish HD

Häxan can be seen as a partial history lesson followed by recreations with actors, this film tells in its very particular way the story of witchcraft from its early days to the time it was filmed (in this case, 1922). The result is a documentary-like film that should be among the first to use the reenactments as a visual and narrative tool. From pagan worship to satanic rites and hysteria, the film takes you on a journey through the ages with highly effective visual sequences. The film represented not only a breakthrough in terms of genre mixing, but also a true feat in overcoming censorship, due to the rawness of some shots, as well as the demands that certain sequences required. Celebrated by filmmakers of the stature of Luis Buñuel, who several times mentioned it as one of his favorite films, Häxan continues to be to this day, one of the pioneers in its genre and a must for fans of classic horror.

  • Duration: 1:46:14



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