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Faust | Fausto (1926)| F.W. Murnau – Sub Spanish HD

Some of the best silent films can be described as collective dreams. They capture family legends, familiar places and certain times, stories that have accompanied us in our dreams and wakefulness: dreams and nightmares, comedies and tragedies. These films are art, and art does not age, as many old films do not. One such work of art is F. W. Murnau's Faust (1926), a masterpiece of fantasy that is often overlooked in favor of other German expressionist works, such as Murnau's own Nosferatu. Strange, considering that he did nothing less than resort to some of the most iconic images of good vs. evil in the world. Faust might be a little more difficult for modern uninitiated viewers than other classic German expressionist works, mainly because of its plot. It relies heavily on a background of folklore, poetry, theology and myth. The story of good vs. evil, virtue vs. sin and justice vs. hypocrisy. To put it mildly Faust has more in common with the last 2000 years than with modern 21st century realism. And if you don't believe me, see it.

  • Duration: 1:47:29



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