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The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari | El gabinete del doctor Caligari (1920) | Robert Wiene - Sub Spanish HD

The critic Juan Carlos González wrote about this exceptional film: "Nothing remains standing after witnessing The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, nothing we have seen is so unusual, so absolutely unheard of. It was the cinema reinvented, barely two decades after its origin. Expressionism was born, the first time that cinema was linked to an aesthetic current and made it shine. From then on, and for approximately five years, stories arrived to German cinema where the fantastic, the mysterious, the supernatural, death, vampires and shadows would invade the screen, reflecting a somber state of mind to which the defeat in the First World War, the subsequent isolation and the rampant inflation contributed. The overwhelmed German spirit gathered the Gothic literary traditions, the German legends, the pictorial and plastic vanguard and from there the cinematographic expressionism arose, which would have its first and purest manifestation in this film".

  • Duration: 1:16:32



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