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Safety Last! | El Hombre Mosca (1923) | Harold Lloyd - Sub Spanish HD

The narrative of Safety Last! includes all the standard ingredients of a Harold Lloyd feature: the young entrepreneur trying to do good, his struggle to achieve a better life, to offer a better situation to his loved ones, adversities and finally a challenging situation that he must, thanks to his ingenuity, overcome. And although these characteristics, which are well known, do not lose effectiveness, mainly because of Lloyd's charm and because they are crowned with the reckless sequence in the heights of the building. The film offers a great deal of intelligent visual comedy sequences where Lloyd shows off all his talent, from the one in which he tries to board a crowded streetcar, to the one in which he attends to the multitude of whimsical women in the store who, maddened, pounce on the fabrics that the young employee tries to keep in order. Besides being Harold Lloyd's comedy par excellence, Safety Last! is also one of the most important American silent films. Not only does it define the work of an outstanding comedian and filmmaker, but it also indicates how a film made more than 90 years ago can still provoke the same audience reaction as when it was initially released.

  • Duration: 1:14:29



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