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The Man Who Laughs | El Hombre Que Ríe (1928) | Paul Leni - Sub SpanishHD

One of the best proofs of the power of seduction that this film, which freely adapts Victor Hugo's novel, is capable of exercising can be found in the contemporary images of The Joker, the psychopathic enemy of Batman, who owes his existence, if not his configuration, to the film directed by Paul Leni in 1928. When the creator of the Gotham hero saw the film in the 1940's, he was so impressed, that he decided to appropriate the smile of the film's character and adapt it to his deranged creature. The success was such that today, The Joker has managed to eclipse the figure of the bat man at times. The Man Who Laughs is a rather dark film and turns Victor Hugo's tragic story of love and politics into something similar to a horror movie, into a luminously gloomy work that, like Joker, aspired in many moments to the feeling of compassion.

  • Duration: 1:50:59



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