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US, Afghan presidents reach agreement

Despite reports of tensions and fractions, US President, Barack Obama, and his Afghan counterpart, Hamid Karzai, have presented a united front on fighting the war in Afghanistan and getting the country back on track. Barack Obama, US President, said, "Obviously, there are going to be tensions in such a complicated, difficult environment and in a situation in which on the ground, both Afghans and Americans are making enormous sacrifices. We've had very frank discussions and President Karzai agrees with me that we can not win through a military strategy alone." Hamid Karzai, Afghan President, said, "Definitely days have come in which we've had a difference of opinion and definitely days in the future will come in which we have differences of opinion. But the relationship between the two governments and the two nations is strong and well-rooted and has endured that past ten years of extreme activity on both sides."

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Despite reports tensions fractions US President Barack Obama his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai have presented united front fighting war Afghanistan getting country back track Barack Obama US President said Obviously there going tensions such complicated difficult environment situation which ground both Afghans Americans making enormous sacrifices had very frank discussions President Karzai agrees that win through military strategy alone Hamid Karzai Afghan President said Definitely days have come which had difference opinion definitely days future will come which have differences opinion But relationship between two governments two nations strong well-rooted endured that past ten years extreme activity both sides