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Tijuana in crisis: mayor demands help from the federal government to assist migrants

Juan Manuel Gastélum, municipal president of Tijuana, affirmed that the City Council does not have the necessary capacities to address the "national security problem" represented by the arrival of more than 5,000 Central American migrants seeking to cross the border into the United States. He estimated that the border conflict has affected 80 thousand Tijuana residents who daily cross to the US to work legally in California, which would have caused a deficit of 134 million pesos, according to reports from the Business Coordinating Council cited by Gastélum. In an interview, Gastélum stated that the Tijuana government does not have enough food, medicine or space to meet with 'dignity' the thousands of Central Americans who have settled on the border, hoping to reach the United States, despite the actions of the Donald Trump government that seeks to prevent his arrival. We are struggling because we can not give these people a decent treatment. Missing decent spaces, food, medicines. It's not easy, it's a national security problem. Tijuana has never experienced a situation like this. I do not see or hear the deputies of Baja California. They do not support anyone. I exchanged opinions with Alejandro Encinas and has a clear vision of the problem; he and Tonatiuh Guillén (next head of the National Institute of Migration) said that from December 1 this problem is solved, but while, what do we feed these people? ", said Gastélum. The mayor of Tijuana considered that the Central American migrants generate a bilateral conflict between Mexico and the United States, in which Tijuana is in the middle, for which he asked for "patience, understanding and trust" to the citizens These people do not give a damn about relations with the United States. This situation is orchestrated, Tijuana is like ham the sandwich, it is not comfortable. Let everyone know, Tijuana is not an island, Tijuana is also Mexico and it is not worth to be put as guinea pigs. We do not know how to act in such a situation, because we have never experienced such a situation, "said Gastélum. Finally, the mayor of Tijuana said he had a "mixture of feelings" when observing how migrants are encouraged to cross the border, while the security elements of the United States use violence to stop them. The saddest thing is what happens with the children, putting them in front, dragging them, I do not know why those people incite to that knowing that Tijuana - San Diego is the most watched border in the world, "he concluded.

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