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President Barack Obama Address To The Nation On Syria Full Speech

The Russian proposal on Syria to deliver chemical weapons under international control is a " potentially positive development " but could be a tactic, CNN said Monday President Barack Obama. The Russian approach could lead to a shift or a breakthrough point , but it is an issue that must follow up , while keeping the pressure on Syria and Russia , and the effort to have the U.S. Congress authorized a military attack , expressed . Chemical weapons pose a significant threat to the entire world and for the United States in particular , added the president. This is going to take "seriously" we do not want to lower the pressure on the Syrian regime , Obama said . " We've been very clear about what we want: ' do not use chemical weapons ,'" Obama said in a message to the Syrian president . " If we can achieve this limited goal without military action , rather that," Obama said on the Russian proposal . "On the other hand, if we do not stand and move forward without a credible threat of military pressure , I do not actually going to get the kind of deal that I would see ," he added . Obama acknowledged that an agreement from the Russian proposal can not solve underlying civil war in Syria , " but it solves the problem I'm trying to focus on right now , which is to ensure that no more than 400 children have indiscriminately gassed these chemical weapons . " On Tuesday, Obama will give a speech in prime time to present their case against Syria , meanwhile , a new national survey indicates that the president's approval rating on foreign policy has reached its lowest point ever. Only three in 10 approve of how he is handling the issue of Syria. However, according to a CNN / ORC International, the number of Americans who approve of how Obama is doing his job , in general, remains stable. Only four in 10 approve of the job Obama is doing foreign policy , 57% of respondents giving the U.S. president a thumbs down in disapproval. The approval rating of 40 % on foreign policy is the lowest level of Obama on this issue , during the period that CNN has done surveys . The results of the survey are presented CNN as President comes to major news networks in the country, including CNN , to encourage congressional authorization for U.S. military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for his alleged use of chemical weapons. " The president's approval rating on foreign policy Obama has continued its steady decline - from 54% in January to 49 % in April, 44 % in June, and just 40 % today ," said CNN polling director , Keating Holland . " This can be a troubling sign for a president who in previous surveys had always marked their highest marks for his handling of foreign relations ." Regarding Syria, only 31 % of the population approves the policies and actions of the President , 63% disapproves . Four in 10 Democrats say they disapprove of the job Obama is doing on Syria , compared to 54 % who approve of his performance . There is a partisan divide on the issue, with only 26% of independents and just 9% of Republicans giving their approval to the way Obama is handling the issue of Syria. The approval rating for Obama in general stands at 45 % . The 52 % said they disapprove of the job he is doing in the White House. The approval rating of 45 % has not changed since the previous survey in CNN , held in June. The approval rating of 45 % is the lowest mark of Obama in CNN polling . He had his lowest point with an approval rating of 43 % , in September 2011 . The CNN poll was conducted by ORC International from 6 to 8 September , with 1,022 U.S. adults surveyed by telephone . The survey 's margin of error is / - minus three percentage points .

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