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Wall crushes to Trump, not got the budget

The pressure could with Donald Trump and, fearing cause paralysis of the federal Government and therefore accumulate another defeat in their first 100 days of Government - which met the Saturday-, the President yesterday retracted its demand to include a budget for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. Midnight on Friday is the limit that Congress approves the appropriation of funds for the remainder of this fiscal year (ending on September 30). The insistence of Trump to demand a departure for the physical barrier along the border broke dialogue between legislators, since with this point the Democrats enrocaban into outright opposition. The willingness to "close" the Government, if kept the petition of one thousand $ 400 million to start the construction of the wall this summer, was total among the progressives, led by Senator Chuck Schumer. According to the Wall Street Journal, all Republicans lawmakers from border States were also opposed. Given that the omens were not the best, in an unexpected twist, the President announced to a group of conservative media who would be willing to waive the money for the wall and wait for the start of the new fiscal year. The swaying caused the threat of federal paralysis Word after a day in which both the legislators and the White House positions would ensure a legislative drama. The wall was the main obstacle to negotiations on which the White House showed hours before their "confidence" that would avoid the closure, despite the Democrats. "The President is working hard to keep the Government open," said the Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin then. Until this week, the dialogue to reach an agreement had been very fruitful, according to democratic sources, whether to a Pact in the distribution of funds or a minimal extension to connect the dots a few days. But the weekend Trump regained the wall as a priority in the budget, and there began the problem. "Everything was going well until you put that suit on wheels," said the Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. "We don't want a close, it is not a tool. But we want our priorities have funds"had threatened on Sunday the director of the budget Office, Mick Mulvaney. "We know that there are many people on Capitol Hill, especially in the Democratic Party, not the wall, like those who but they lost the elections and the President should have the opportunity to finance one of its major priorities," topped in interview with AP. At the end the pressure could Trump management, who is forced to build up a new defeat to not bear the blame for the closure of the federal Government. The decision of Trump left satisfied Democrats, who without the wall in the budget options are feasible to reach an agreement and prevent the paralysis of Government. "It's good for the country that the President Trump has left the wall off the table (...). Now, bipartisan and bicameral negotiations can continue working on outstanding things,"Schumer said in a statement. The decision to withdraw the request for funds for the wall is a new disappointment for those who expected Trump to comply with its promise to build the fence in his first 100 days in the White House. Although the wall may not be a specific heading in the budget - that the President expected to be thousand 400 million dollars, the Government has $ 20 million to start the project. To continue you must wait the next fiscal year, which begins in October. Its construction has budget estimates ranging from 8 billion to 70 billion dollars.

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