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Donald Trump insists on wall on the border with Mexico

Lawmakers negotiating a security spending project on the border with Mexico will begin talks on Wednesday, while President Donald Trump insists that funds should be included for the wall he plans to build. Left to their own devices, the negotiating experts of both houses say that it will be easy for them to reach an agreement on border security as they have for the last two years. The problem is whether Trump will sign it or not. The president, who does not hide his impatience, tweeted at dawn that if the negotiators do not "discuss or contemplate a Wall or Physical Barrier, they are losing time!". The Democrats, who control the lower house, remain united against Trump's project, although some are willing to agree after 35 days of partial closure of the government. We have consistently said that we do not support a medieval border wall from coast to coast. However, we can support a fence where it's sensible, but you have to do it based on evidence, "said Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York, fifth in the Democratic hierarchy. The head of the block of Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer, said that "we have reached big agreements before. When the president does not intervene in negotiations, we almost always succeed. When it intrudes, it is a guarantee of failure. That is why I would ask President Trump to allow Congress to take care of this on his own. " For their part, Republican leaders want to temper the battle around the wall and suggest that they can be flexible when negotiators seek a bipartisan agreement.

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