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If it continues the closure of Government I will not go to Davos assures Donald Trump

by Tuitealo

Donald Trump, announced Thursday that if the budget paralysis in the United States is prolonged by the struggle over the wall on the border with Mexico, will not travel to the forum in Davos, Switzerland, scheduled between January 22 and 25. "If the budgetary paralysis continues, I will not go" to Davos, he said, indicating that... the partial closure of the government, which began on December 22 and is set to be the longest in history, could last for a month. Before leaving for the southern border, dressed in a sports jacket and wearing a white cap with his campaign slogan "Make America Great Again", he insisted that there must be a wall on the border, whose cost amounts to 5,700 million dollars. The president reiterated that Mexico is already paying for the wall. Trump left Wednesday his meeting with the leaders of the Congress and shortly after tweeted: "I said goodbye" and the efforts to reactivate the Executive were in an uncertain situation. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers will not collect their payrolls on Friday.

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