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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet at the G20 summit

Russian presidents Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump will meet in Buenos Aires during the G20 summit, as planned, the Kremlin said on Thursday. "Washington confirmed the meeting," said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov, who said it would be held on Saturday "December 1, around noon" and "local could last about an hour." Among the topics to be discussed by both heads of state will be "bilateral relations, strategic security, disarmament and regional conflicts," Peskov added. "We must not necessarily agree on all the issues, but it is necessary to talk. In the interest of our two countries, and in the interest of the whole world, "he explained. The maritime clash between Ukraine and Russia in the Sea of ​​Azov threatens to have repercussions at the G20 summit that opens on Friday in Argentina. Due to this confrontation, Trump had threatened to cancel the interview with the Russian president, after stating that he "did not like this aggression" from Moscow, in an interview this week with the Washington Post.

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