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Vladimir Putin asks not to attack Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that U.S. accusations that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons are a " nonsense " . "To say that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons when the advancing Syrian Army " on your enemy "is a filthy nonsense ," said the leader of the Kremlin. Putin added: " If there is evidence on the use of chemical weapons, must be submitted . If not presented , is that there are ." The Russian president has also called Obama to as the Nobel Peace Prize think of the victims of an attack on Syria. " I would lead to ( U.S. President Barack ) Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize : before using force in Syria have to think about the future victims ." Reacting to threats of military intervention against Syria expressed on Friday by Secretary of State John Kerry , who claimed irrefutable evidence U.S. intelligence services about the authorship of the Assad regime in the chemical weapons attack on the outside Damascus . " Allusions to not know what interceptions not know what conversations prove nothing can not be the basis for such important decisions as the use of force against a sovereign state ," Putin said . The Russian president reiterated that the evidence , if any, can not be kept secret and must be " presented to the inspectors of the UN and the Security Council" . Disrespect " Allusions to have these tests but that are secret and were not present anyone can not stand , it is simply a lack of respect for their partners," Putin said . At the same time, the Kremlin leader said Russia will participate in taking preventive measures of chemical weapons if it is shown that these have been used in Syria. "In regard to the use of any weapon of mass destruction, including chemical weapons , our position is consistent : we are categorically opposed , we condemn it , and consequently , if proved, will take part in the development of prevention measures such actions , "he said . U.S. President Barack Omaba , announced Friday that evaluates military action without troops on the ground in Syria would not "compromise " long-term war . Earlier, Kerry Washington was assumed in a chemical weapons attack launched by Assad 's regime on August 21 caused 1,429 casualties.

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