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Pakistan supports US investigation on Shahzad

Meanwhile, Pakistani officials released information of Faisal Shahzad. The country is also pledging their help and support to the US in the investigation. Rehman Malik, Pakistan Interior Minister, said, "The initial information which we have is this guy had obtained an ID card from Karachi and his family belongs to Pukhtoonkhwa Khyber from an area called Pabbi, and we have already launched a probe." Pakistan detained several people in connection with the bombing, and they have been taken into custody in Karachi. Media reports claim all of them are relatives of Faisal Shahzad.

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Meanwhile Pakistani officials released information Faisal Shahzad country also pledging their support US investigation Rehman Malik Pakistan Interior Minister said initial information which have guy obtained ID card from Karachi family belongs Pukhtoonkhwa Khyber from area called Pabbi have already launched probe Pakistan detained several people connection with bombing they have been taken into custody Karachi Media reports claim all them relatives Faisal Shahzad