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Slaughter in Connecticut at least 28 deaths 20 of these are children

At least 27 people, including 18 children, have been killed in a shooting perpetrated this afternoon at an elementary school in the state of Connecticut, according to the latest report from CBS. Police suspect that one of the shooters could be the father of a student. Police had previously confirmed the death of the assailant during the incident at Sandy Hook School, Newton City. The shooting left three injured confirmed all of them admitted to a hospital in the nearby city of Danbury, said its mayor, Mark Boughton, although it is unclear if among them was the child subsequently died. Some local media, citing its own sources, indicate the existence of a second assailant who had absconded although this information has not been verified by police sources. The body of the deceased is first within the school. The incident began at 0940 - 1540 hours in Spain - in Sandy Hook Elementary School, City of Newtown, when a gunman appeared at the principal office of the center and began opening fire indiscriminately . Several groups of children got out accompanied by their teachers but an hour after the incident children were still in school, according to some parents. The place is surrounded for more than an hour by heavily armed police officers and area hospitals are on high alert. Lance Ryan, author of the shooting, killed his parents The alleged perpetrator of the shooting, Ryan Lance, opened fire on the class of his mother, who was a teacher of primary school and Newton who died in the attack, and then killed himself with one of his two guns, according reported by the CBS. According to this medium, Lanza directed his attack "apparently" class against her mother and developed most of the crime in this classroom. The newspaper 'The Washington Post' has made a similar version of the facts, but has stated that the first victim was his own mother Lanza. A source in the security services consulted by the newspaper confirmed the identity of the alleged murderer, Ryan Lance, and explained that, before perpetrating the slaughter at school, fatally shot his mother, who worked at that school. Security forces found a pistol and a rifle in the attack site. Lanza, the report said, took his own life. Children evacuated from the school to exit Newtow reported that they held hands and closed their eyes, as he told police. "The police told us abrazáramos, we caught our hands and close our eyes. Only open after school, "said the local newspaper" Hartford Courant "Bajraliu Vanessa, a girl of nine years." Saw the police, a bunch of cops with guns in the hallway, "said the child. Another child, Brendan Murray, also of nine years, said he was with his teammates in the school gym when they heard "a lot of beating" and teachers were ordered to hide in a closet, where they remained hidden for 15 minutes.

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