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Catastrophic floods images Guerrero

The death toll in Guerrero because of the effects caused by Manuel rose to 72, after 15 bodies were recovered in the municipality of Atoyac de Alvarez , where at least 70 people were buried by a landslide . " We informed the people in the community ( Graffiti ) are already 15 bodies recovered and 70 people say that are those who were buried were 20 houses. There are more risks in this area , is a latent risk because there 's still raining " , said Wednesday the mayor , Edilberto Tavares Cisneros. However, the Interior Minister , Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, said Wednesday night that 58 people are missing in the mudslide in the community of La Pintada . He said that Federal Police agents have flocked to the area, where they rescued 334 people , some of them serious . " Tomorrow morning will continue with the rescue effort . Were left in place 45 people , mostly men and will be redeemed on the first flight tomorrow to bring to Acapulco . He was Federal Police personnel with them," said the head of the Interior Ministry . He warned that the difficulty and risk is still high in the area because the rains that remain in the area continue softening the ground, which could lead to the fall of a new avalanche. Atoyac Mayor called " review" the situation in the town due to flooding and hills broken by heavy rains in the area persist . Community explained that Graffiti is incommunicado because the roads are collapsed and can only be accessed by air , and that two Federal police helicopters and the National Defense Secretariat conducted reconnaissance flights in the area. "It was like an explosion and when we went to see the entire hill we saw houses crushed my family , there was four of my family , and I have no one , I was alone ," he told CNNMéxico a woman who was evacuated along more people of La Pintada , helicopters aboard the Federal Police and the Army, and taken to the naval base in Acapulco. Another woman , whose name he would not reveal , said : "I lost everything , and I have nothing up there ( in the community) more people but does not want to come to not let the little we have . Men hardly want to lose to here " . State Civil Defense had reported rescue of five bodies in the landslide that buried "a large number " of homes in Atoyac . In its report, the ministry said that 15 others are missing in the Mountain region , in northeastern Guerrero , the main state affected by the rains of the storm Manuel that passed through the region this weekend and continues its advance the Mexican Pacific to Nayarit and Sinaloa. In the list of state Civil Protection are not included the 25 people reported missing by the municipal government of Tecpan . Because of the risks that exist in the area, Guerrero authorities suspended classes in all levels of education , until further notice. The tourist port of Acapulco is the municipality with the highest number of deaths , with 30 people, according to state and municipal Civil Protection . Moreover , it remains incommunicado So far, the Interior Ministry has issued emergency declarations for 155 municipalities in Mexico , 56 of them in Guerrero , which means that they will be supported to assist the population and rebuild infrastructure. Acapulco is one of the most affected municipalities . There are recorded at least 30 deaths and 5,000 total state of the 13,516 damaged homes throughout Guerrero.

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