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Putin's joke mocking the cold winter that awaits Europe with sanctions on Russia

The joke in which Putin mocks the cold winter that awaits Europe with sanctions on Russia. "The son asks his father: why so cold? And the father answers: Because Russia attacked Ukraine. The boy asks: And what do we have to do with that? That we imposed sanctions against Russia. Why? To make them feel bad. And we are Russians?" Russian President Vladimir Putin satirizes the energy problems facing Europe and the United States. Putin adds that all these problems are aimed directly at the citizens. This is not the first time that the Russian president has publicly made such an intervention, a joke. On this occasion, he does it with an anecdote with which he wants to highlight the situation in Europe caused by the sanctions imposed on Russia for the attack on Ukraine and which makes a mockery of what the sanctions have meant for the sanctioners themselves and, above all, for the citizens of the countries that have taken this sanctioning path.

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El chiste en el que Putin se mofa del frío invierno que le espera a Europa con las sanciones a Rusia, Vladimir Putin, nota, noticias, noticias 2022