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After weeks on alert, this Thursday Vladimir Putin has given the order to invade Ukraine. Several cities in eastern Ukraine, from Sloviansk and Kramatorsk to Kharkov, 30 kilometers from the border, have been attacked. The first images of chaos are beginning to be seen and the first deaths are being counted, reaching 40 people so far. Faced with this situation, the Ukrainian population panics and the citizens living in the areas closest to the offensive abandon their homes with few belongings to move to other parts of the country. In the video that accompanies this news item two experts offer their different views on the reasons that have led Putin to attack Ukraine. Pedro Rodríguez, associate professor of International Relations at Comillas Pontifical University, believes that Putin's real intentions have nothing to do with NATO or Russia's security, but with "the possibility of Ukraine becoming an independent democracy". A position that would not be limited to this country: "Russia, in recent years, has done everything possible to discredit all the democracies around it. In the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Spain...". On the other hand, Mira Milosevich, senior researcher at the Elcano Royal Institute, believes that Putin will go "wherever it takes to achieve his goals". For this specialist in the region, Russia has been putting the country's survival ahead of its prosperity for centuries. "They have been preparing for sanctions, they have been living in war mode since 2014″. Rodriguez, however, believes that "Putin operates on a graph with two functions: maximum aggression at the lowest possible cost. It is clear that for him the presentient, agreed and announced sanctions so far are not enough deterrence."

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