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#VIRAL: Female McDonald's worker body-slams woman customer who threw a milkshake in her face

During the last few hours, a video has been circulated through social networks where two employees of the McDonald's hamburger chain in the United States brutally beat a young woman who appears to be of Asian origin. So far, it is speculated that the events took place in Las Vegas, but the outcome of the story is not yet known. According to the media, the dispute began when the young woman refused to pay for a glass of malting that she had filled, then the supposed manager of the place began to tell her that she had to pay for the supplies, that discussion got louder. It was at that moment when the girl throws the drink to the employee, who immediately reacted abruptly and went over the client hitting her in the face and body; He also tore the black top he wore. Immediately, another worker of the place like a man, try to separate and when they do the second employee also lashes out at the young woman violently. At the end of the fight the young victim walks behind the manager. The video began to circulate on the Internet and provoked indignation and controversy. None of the involved has said anything about the fight and it is unknown if there is a demand.

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