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#VIRAL: Nadia, lover of surgery, went viral for breasts size 34JJ

The exuberant girl of 24 years began to "beautify her body" after turning 20, ensuring that "beauty is something that can be improved, bought and built, the more you stand out, the better". Nadia is a London girl of Argentine origin who feels an attraction for the scalpel. For this reason, she was interviewed by the Daily Mail, there she said that she loves surgery despite the fact that her enormous breast size sometimes makes it difficult for her to perform various tasks such as sleeping, running, but above all, traveling on public transport in the United States. , your new residence. The young woman is transported by the subway, but says it is too uncomfortable and bothers to take the tube to avoid falling, and sometimes feels harassed and annoyed by users. However, she said she is fascinated by her "artificial" image and plans to continue improving:

  • Duration: 03:52