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Costumer and employee of McDonald's fight wildly for a straw

by G.O.K.U.

Fights in fast food chains are almost always picked up by a witness who places it on the network and it quickly goes viral. This happened with a client and a McDonald's employee in St. Petersburg, Florida, where a discussion sparked an intense fight between a client and employees. According to authorities and local media, a... subject named Daniel Taylor shouted several insults to the staff for not having given him a straw along with his order so an employee intervened to try to provide a solution, but failed. The woman tried to explain to the client that a new law prohibited the use of plastic straws in establishments, only given to those who request it. The man did not believe a word of what the woman explained, so he took her in the uniform with force. When she was subdued, the girl threw several punches but the manager intervened and asked the client to leave. To retaliate his fury, Daniel kicked another employee who was near the exit. The complaint was filed and the person in charge will now face charges of aggression.

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