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#VIRAL; The girl in the Philippines who lives on the street and does her homework in the rain

It rains pitchers but the girl, with a blanket on top and with a pencil in her hand, is determined to finish a school assignment. Next to her her mother sleeps. Everything happens in the middle of the street, on the sidewalk, where the woman lives, her husband and her two daughters. The event occurred last Friday at about 7 o'clock in the morning in Manila, Philippines. The protagonist of the story is Lorensalie Elaine Dolfo, 8, who is outside an apartment block at the time they record the video. The girl, her four-year-old sister and her mother, Ellen, 40, had been left homeless when Jerry, the 42-year-old father, fell ill and lost his job. From that moment the family came into disgrace. However, despite the adverse circumstances, Lorensalie was determined to do her duty, it did not matter rain or get wet, the important thing was to fulfill the school's task, as if that were her only lifeline to her harsh reality.

  • Duration: 00:49