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The Syrian siblings trapped between concrete and the man who rescued them

Among the defining images from the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria - that of a young girl stretching her arm out to protect her younger brother, both lying trapped for 24 hours amidst the rubble of their wrecked home, will surely be one of the most affecting. We now know that girl is five-year-old Jinan. She and her brother, two-year-old Abdullah, were the only survivors of their family of nine when the quake shook their home in the village of Harem in Syria's Idlib province. BBC Arabic’s Emir Nader returned to the story of Jinan and Abdullah six days after they were finally pulled from the rubble, in a report filmed from the heart of the quake zone. Newsnight met the first responder who found them and stayed with them until they were rescued, and their uncle - who thinks he’s lost 20 family members to the quakes.

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