#VIRAL & #CUTE: Salesman takes his dog to work and makes him comfortable.

A young woman named Paola Andrea Suárez saw a scene that caused her a lot of tenderness and shared it on May 28 on her TikTok account under the title: "The best thing I saw today, how cute this man who takes care of his little dog". In the recording, made in the municipality of Manizales, in the department of Caldas, in Colombia, you can see how a man who is next to his candy stand accommodates his dog next to him, but conditions it so that the animal is comfortable. The dog is covered with a raincoat with a hood and in the video it can be seen that the man put the animal on a plastic sheet, then he made it lie down, and finally he put a hat on it. Then the subject goes to get two trays, possibly of water and food, and brings them to the pet. Something curious is that on one of the walls of the structure of the stall there are two photo cutouts of the same dog, which suggests that the man loves his companion very much.

  • Duration: 00:53



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