#CUTE: Alaina, the girl who conquers TikTok for her adorable dancing skills.

Some children are born with talent and this little girl is a clear example of that. Alaina has gone viral on TikTok for her adorable choreographies at her young age and using her cell phone like a pro. The first video uploaded by her mother, last October, has almost 20 million views and is trending on social networks. This adorable story came to light thanks to the account @nishelynn, which is about Nish and her daughter Alaina's adventures. The mother was constantly uploading content to TikTok, but never received the support as she did when her little girl recorded herself dancing. According to Yahoo, one ordinary day, Nish was attending to another of her children and left Alaina with her cell phone, which had the camera on. The woman had her five senses focused on her son's hairstyle and forgot about Alaina for a moment. The youngest girl stared at the cell phone camera, smiled and started to move her skeleton. Alaina did her own choreography and this moved millions of users. The mother thought that her daughter was taking pictures, so she continued combing her brother's hair. The woman got a big surprise when she saw her gallery. Since October 29, 2021, the video has more than 17.5 million views, 2.6 million likes and 40 thousand comments. As it could not be otherwise, users were quick to react to the images and showed their admiration.

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