#VIRAL & #CUTE: 80-year-old grandfather brings his granddaughter's lunch to work every day.

Some say that the love between grandchildren and grandparents is the strongest of all. Now, a young girl named Jhoana proves it after releasing a video in which she assures that her grandfather brings her food every day to work. Through the Chinese social network, she showed a video in which we see a man approaching her on a bicycle, who then puts his vehicle on a pole and heads towards the camera with a red bag in his hand. According to her, it is none other than her grandfather, who, like every day, took her food to work: "what a blessing," wrote the user at the bottom of the viral video. Despite only having 6,200 followers, her video reached 2.6 million reproductions, with more than 284,000 likes and a little more than 7,700 comments, among which there were those who said she was a 'millionaire', because of what she had with her grandfather. "May grandparents be eternal", "You take advantage of him, you have him", "Was I the only one who cried?", "It reminded me of when I was in elementary and high school, my dad did the same. I miss his company very much" or "Take good care of him, I just lost mine and I miss him very much", are some of the comments that can be read in the publication. In a second video, he showed a little more about the treatment he has with him, he is a man who is already 80 years old, originally from Sonora. In the one minute and 22 seconds clip, he assures "I ride my bicycle at ease", even though he is told that he shouldn't do it anymore.

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