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Ukraine nuclear power plant, Blinken, Russia strikes Mariupol, United Nations, NATO

1. Russian invasion forces seized Europe's biggest nuclear power plant on Friday in what Washington called a reckless assault that risked catastrophe, although a blaze in a training building was extinguished and officials said the facility was now safe. 2. NATO will defend all its allies and territory against a Russian attack, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, as he arrived for a meeting of the alliance's foreign ministers in Brussels. 3. The southeastern port city of Mariupol remains under Ukrainian control but it has been encircled by Russian forces and subjected to intense strikes, Britain said in an intelligence update. 4. The U.N. Human Rights Council condemned alleged rights violations by Russia in its invasion of Ukraine and agreed to set up a commission to investigate them, including possible war crimes. 5. NATO allies rejected Ukraine's demand for no-fly zones, saying they were increasing support but that stepping in directly would lead to a broader, even more brutal European war so far limited to Russia's assault on its neighbor.

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