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The Ukrainian war has reached its ninth day with an attack that has triggered worldwide alarm. The Russian army has managed to seize the Zaporiyia nuclear power plant after a shelling that started a fire. The fire has been extinguished by Ukrainian firefighters but three people have been killed and two injured. The Zaporiyia nuclear power plant is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. It has six reactors, all of which have been shut down except number four, which is operating at 60% power. No changes in the radiation status have been recorded at the present time, the Ukrainian nuclear regulator has assured. Despite the fact that the Russians have taken over the complex, personnel remain at the plant and monitor its proper operation. The attack has highlighted the risk posed by the war to the nuclear safety of the country and the European continent. Although the Ukrainian authorities have assured that the plant's reactors remain intact and there is no damage that implies danger, the specter of the Chernobyl disaster has made an appearance during this incident. Had it exploded, experts estimate that the catastrophe would have been 10 times greater than that of 1986.

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