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#OMG: Man chases his wife and discovers her with another man in a cabin.

Cases of infidelity are becoming more and more frequent within a relationship and many people make the decision to form a couple without first being sure of what they really want in life. The sad thing is that infidelity is one of the main reasons why femicides are committed. In this opportunity we get a video where a man who had suspicions that his wife was being unfaithful, pursues her to prove his theory. It turns out that the man looked for his partner's mother in a borrowed vehicle to follow the young woman who on Tuesdays says she goes to the Salon and ends up somewhere else, according to her husband. The images show how the young woman rides a motorcycle and then stops at a place where she boards a car. Minutes later she is filmed when they arrive at a cabin. The man lets her in and continues on his way, as he only wanted to show his partner's mother what was happening. In the video we hear that the unfaithful young woman also has two children with the young man who was following her, whom she leaves at home to do her barbarities. So far we do not know in what part of the country it happened and if this video is 100% real.

  • Duration: 03:10