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Man recorded the suicide of his wife

Kifah Fairuz is a Lebanese citizen who filmed unwittingly with his cell phone, the last moment of life of his wife, who committed suicide being thrown in vacuum. Amena Ismail, Fairuz Kifah's wife, sat on the edge of a balcony from the eighth floor of a building in Beirut, capital of Lebanon. "What is it, Amena," asks Fairuz, "Anything you want to tell me? Please, my love, your mother does not deserve this ... If you are unhappy with me you can forget about me," he heard the man say. Amena silent and just concentrate on throwing. The tragedy ocurrií when examining the floor couple who planned to move, set in a prestigious neighborhood of Beirut. Local media reported that Kifah and Amena Fairuz Ismail married six months ago, but the family remained strained relations and the woman had repeatedly threatened suicide. On Tuesday, the husband was released on bail after being questioned so he could attend the funeral of his wife.

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