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Spider-Man Fall Caught on Video -- Actor Injured!

by 280580.Lore.Ferrer

Spider-Man was rushed to the hospital last night after a stunt went horribly wrong. A 31-year-old male was taken from Broadway's Foxwoods Theater to Bellevue Hospital on Monday night after the "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" performer accidentally fell into the pit in front of a preview audience. Another performer in the musical... identified the injured man as Christopher Tierney, the show's main aerialist who does stunts for the role of Spider-Man. The accident happened with only seven minutes left in the show. An audience member with a cell phone shot the mishap as it happened -- the video shows Spidey's cable snapping before plummeting into the pit. The actor reportedly gave a thumbs up to the crowd as he was being loaded into the ambulance.

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