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Uber driver discovers his wife hidden in the trunk; I wanted to spy on him

There are very jealous women who do not waste an opportunity to try to discover something that they can claim from their partner. There are those who check your cell phone, those who get into your social networks without permission, those who create fake profiles to cheat them, among others. And there are others that take it to the next level. It turns out that in social networks a man named Chris Astudillo published some photos that made many users laugh and quickly went viral. This is a woman who hid in the trunk of the car where her husband, an Uber driver, works to spy on him. Imagine that you come in the Uber and discover that the driver's wife comes in the trunk to spy on him, ”he wrote in his Facebook account. Next to the images he also explained that a small child, the woman's son, began to cry. Upon taking them out, both the minor and ‘the spy’, climbed into the passenger seat and accompanied the user to his destination. Still that the nose starts to cry, his boss climbs in front without paying for the trip ” Have you found an answer to what you were looking for?

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