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#VIRAL - Drunken girl fight with UBER driver

The girl, identified as Anjali Ramkissoon, fourth-year resident studying neurology, apparently did not know when to stop drinking and, judging by the video and its actions appears to be drunk. In the video that was released in internet young UM Medical appears in a heated argument with the driver Uber whose encounter even ended up in the hands and engage threats 9-1-1. The video has been seen a thousand times in just two days leading viral on the Internet. The dispute resulted in the Brickell area Sunday night and so far has not filed any charges against Ramkissoon. At the beginning of the video, the driver asks witnesses in the area to call the emergency number 911, while Ramkissoon does the same repeating "yes, call 9-1-1." She ignored everything around him and just held the driver's shirt, he tried to hit fists and tried to kick him in the groin. Among all the chaos, he fell down, got in the car as they shouted obscenities and demanded he take her to her destination. Seeing that failed its mission, took everything he saw and sent on their way out of the car papers, scissors and other items. After a while, Ramkissoon got off the car, says good night and drove away.

  • Duration: 04:58



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