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Man sells his unwanted Brussel Sprouts Christmas dinner on eBay

Dan Allam, 22, from Ledbury, Herefordshire who is selling off his unwanted Brussel Sprouts from his Christmas dinner on eBay. Online auction sites are being flooded with unwanted Christmas gifts but a magician has revealed how he has gone one step further - and put his leftover SPROUTS on eBay. Enterprising Dan Allam, 22, decided to flog the uneaten veg from his festive lunch for a joke - but has been stunned by the response. Within hours of putting the item up for sale, hundreds of people had logged on to check out the bizarre item. And yesterday his tongue-in-cheek listing on the popular auction site - for five sprouts hand-picked from his garden in Ledbury, Herefordshire - had notched up almost 8,000 views. Eager bidders had already pushed the price to an impressive £26 - although the entertainer said he was hoping a last-minute rush would see the final sale price soar.

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