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Man sells his daughter to buy an iPhone in China

A Chinese couple faces charges after police revealed he sold his daughter to buy an iPhone , with money from internet sales also bought tennis and other products A young Chinese couple faces a conviction after police revealed that his daughter sold through an ad on the internet to be able to buy an iPhone and other expensive products , today unveiled the press of the Asian giant . The couple placed an ad on the Internet in which he offered for adoption to her daughter and with the proceeds bought an iPhone , sport shoes and other products through the network , said prosecutors in Shanghai , cited by the newspaper Liberation Daily . The price paid to the couple, who already has two other children , was between 30 and 50 thousand yuan ( four thousand eight hundred eight thousand dollars) , according to the source . The couple is now facing a charge of trafficking in human beings , although the marriage told investigators that the real objective was that the child have a better life next to a family with more economic opportunities .

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