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Machinist train accident in Spain refuses to testify

The Alvia train driver who crashed on Santiago de Compostela, has refused to testify before the police, invoking his right to do so, according to sources of research. The driver did not want to respond to police questioning at the Clinical Hospital of Santiago where it remains admitted because it was also injured in the accident. Members of the Judicial Police Brigade have gone to the hospital where he is guarded to take his first statement as a defendant, but the driver has decided to invoke his constitutional right not to testify. Police sources have said that it was expected that this would be the attitude to be adopted by the driver when being questioned by officers. The driver was arrested Thursday in the hospital where he remains admitted charged with "negligence", as explained by the paramount chief of Police of Galicia, Jaime Iglesias. Iglesias has indicated that Francisco José Garzón is "charged with a crime related to the authorship of the accident" and that the police statement can occur "at any time", while the court could take place even in the hospital where he is detained . The police chief and indicated that the driver would return "as soon" as soon as your medical condition permitiese.El detainee can be brought to justice in the same hospital. The sources could not specify for the moment when it will be brought to justice, but everything suggests that will be Saturday.

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