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35 dead and hundreds injured by the train derailment near Santiago de Compostela in Spain

At least 35 people have died as a result of Alvia train derailment near Santiago de Compostela, as confirmed by the president of the Xunta de Galicia told the chain Being At least a hundred were injured, according to sources research. Emergency services continue to work in the area. The train crashed en route Madrid-Ferrol, when around 20:42, thirteen of its cars have turned on the tracks at the exit of tunnel Angrois he was about to take a turn. So instead have displaced members of the National Police and a fire crew. The bodies and state security forces have been organized to assist victims and investigate what caused the derailment of the train Alvia. Police officers inspect Scientific inside the cars, National Radio reported, and Renfe plans to offer information about the crash in the next few minutes. The University Hospital of Santiago (CHUS) has strengthened emergency services, and even the medical complex have been moved by now about fifty wounded, according to medical sources. Moreover, the authorities have appealed for blood donations. The Hospital has collapsed so ask the authorities asking that donors are directed to Galician Transfusion Center at the University Campus. Witness testimonies are contradictory, some speak of a speeding, but were still affected by the event, while others have indicated that the train was at a "normal speed" to enter the station, who came to hear a noise prior to the derailment, and immediately and there was a great smoke. Eight of the cars have been completely derailed and several have risen several feet down the embankment. Some locals have said they heard an explosion about 2040 hours.

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