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13YearOld Girls Kills Little Siter 2YearOld Because She Snitched To Neighbor About Catching Her Having Sex

A 13-year-old Georgia girl accused of stabbing the 2-year-old sister that was left in her care. Tyasia Jackson will be tried as an adult, after her mother came home Monday afternoon to find the girl -- 2-year-old Sasha Lamaya Ray -- stabbed seven times in the chest, WSB-TV reports. "She died in my arms," Shelton Ray -- Sasha Ray's biological father and Jackson's stepfather -- told the station. Shelton Ray said he had received a call from Jackson, saying that her sister was missing and that she thought the neighbors might have taken her. Shelton Ray and his wife sped home to try and locate Sasha, and found the bleeding toddler in the backyard. She died before they could get her to a hospital. Jackson was taken into custody. Shelton Ray told investigators that the teen called him from jail on Monday night and admitted to killing Sasha Ray, Fox 8 reports. Neighbor Veronica Hillman told CBS Atlantathat prior to the stabbing, she had seen Jackson let a boy into the house. She called the girl's mother, who asked her to make sure the boy left. Hillman says she entered the home and found the boy hiding in a closet. The boy left with her, and afterwards, Shelton Ray says, Jackson asked three of her siblings to go upstairs and then stabbed Sasha Ray to death. By the time the toddler was found, Ray says, Jackson had cleaned up the blood and changed her clothes. When Jackson made her first court appearance on Tuesday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, family members loudly told her that they loved her.

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