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5 year old kills his sister 2 years with a rifle in the US

A 5 year old boy killed his little sister 2, with a bullet in Cumberland County, Kentucky, when he played in his home with a rifle designed specifically for children, who had given him last year. The incident occurred on Tuesday, when the mother of the little ones in the house. The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. "It's one of those crazy accidents," said County Coroner Gary White, who identified the child as Caroline Starks, as published in the portal Kentucky.com. The gun incident is a children's caliber rifle manufactured by the company 22 Keystone Sporting Arms and known as "Crickett" as said White, who noted that the shooter was accustomed to handling. The rifle was kept in a room of the house and, as has transpired, parents were unaware that a bullet had charged. The Crickett.com website, owned by Keystone Sporting Arms, promotes the sale of firearms to minors under the slogan of "my first rifle" and ensures market "quality weapons for young Americans."

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