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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Awkwardness at the MMVAs

Last night, Selena Gomez was hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, and her boyfriend Justin Bieber came up to collect an award. Perfect excuse for PDA, right? Well, Selena sure didn%u2019t think so. When the Biebs went in for a side hug Selena slithered away, and then they had the world%u2019s most awkward handshake as the Biebs tried to recover and make it look like a joke. Awk. Ward. Was Selena just trying to stay professional on stage, or is she trying to bat down all those “she%u2019s knocked up” rumors from last week? Either way, that was just uncomfortable to watch. But the onstage antics weren%u2019t the only thing going on in Bieber/Gomez world. A source backstage tells Crushable that Selena didn%u2019t react well to people%u2019s questions and comments about her relationship. “He was very cozy and she didn%u2019t respond very well. All night people made reference to %u2018them%u2019 and she didn%u2019t react.”

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